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mobile photography
& graphic design

I am a graphic artist and photographer, with over 10 years creative experience designing logos, graphic layouts and digital photography. This is my little corner of the web where I display my creations, ideas and selected artistic projects for all to see.

In this tech driven world we live in its easy to get caught up in the rat race of everyday life and forget about the various wonders that surround us. However, one of the best things about the smartphone craze is that I never leave home without  at least some kind of camera and that allows me to capture and share the beautiful little pieces that make up the puzzle that is my life.

“If the things you’re doing in your life aren’t making your life better, why continue to do those things?”

K.L. Crigler lives in Montana with his wife, their two kids, two little dogs and a few reptiles. His creative ability in both writing and artist design allows him to experiment with innovative techniques, using various forms of media to bring fresh ideas to life.  Currently, he is working on a collection of short stories and his first novel.

Just your average everyday husband, father, friend, photographer, writer, co-worker, boss, employee, sports fan, consumer, voter, viewer and guy next door.

Keith L. Crigler

Owner  †   Photographer  †   Designer

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